My big sister (@hannahinoy) and I always take unplanned “photoshoots.” I must say that this is something we commonly share that most people are quite envious of. Because of that I end up being frequently reminded how blessed I am to have a sibling who shares almost the same interest as I. Well I don’t deny it, I really am.

This #OOTD photoshoot, titled PARKING LOT, was one of those unplanned shoots. The original plan that day was to go to an interview for our friend at SM Megamall, Ortigas, Philippines. Like our usual self, we ended up dressing up and tried to look a bit chic. Little do we know that we’ll end up taking photos of how we looked.

Agreed to do the shoot, we went on the lookout for an awesome spot for our setting. To be honest it took us a hours to find this perfect spot. We were too distracted on where we should take the photos that we forgot that a simple industrial looking place would do.

Chasing after the natural light, we took these photos the moment we arrived at the parking lot. Not only was the parking lot empty but we also found an empty abandoned grocery cart that we used as props in this shoot. (I felt really lucky that day! I’ve always wanted to do a shoot inside a grocery cart)

I must say that some of the usual things we see can really be the edge of your picture just like how it did on these pictures. You just need to find another perspective on how you’ll use it.

What I’m wearing:

  1. Green Polo by Marks & Spencer (thrifted for 15 Php)
  2. Gray T-shirt (thrifted for 10 Php)
  3. Black Ripped Jeans by Penshoppe
  4. White Sneakers by Adidas
  5. Red Bag by Miniso
  6. Prayer Bead Bracelet
  7. Glasses from Divisoria

I’m a big fan of thrifted items. Watch out for my thrift store tips here on this blog. I’ll be tackling how, what and where to buy quality and cheap things here on this website so make sure to follow this and all my social media accounts to get updated.


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