All my friends know how immensely outgoing type of person I am. I tend to go out rather than to stay at home doing nothing. It’s somehow my way of breaking free from everything and running away from stress for a while. That is why it always seemed like I’m travelling away regularly even though the places I go to are just around the corner.

I’m that kind of person who’s not quite fond of cliché places. Thus making a lot of the places I go to somehow unusual to others. One of these places are art galleries. I prefer looking at contained expressions created and transformed into aesthetically pleasing objects rather than to go to the mall and window shop for hours.

Don’t get me wrong though. I’m also a noob when it comes to art galleries. This habit just started last year wherein I was accompanied by a friend of mine. To be honest, it might’ve been a result from the frequent requirements given by our college professors. Last year we were told to go on a regular visit to art galleries/ museums and because of that my friend and I made sure that the galleries we’ll be going to are those unknown to others.

Archivo 1984 (see website for more information) was one of those art galleries we went to. Archivo in my opinion is like a quick trip to Narnia. Its entrance is hidden inside a warehouse within the busy city of Makati. (It took us 2 visits to find Archivo.) But rest assured because it being hidden is what makes it gratifying to go to.

Archivo has never failed to amaze me. It always showcases artists and artworks that transcends deep meanings in which you’ll still be able to relate to. That is why I do recommend visiting the gallery in order for you to see and experience what I mean.

DON’T WORRY IT’S FREE!, If you’re wondering how much it’ll cost you. Just make sure to greet those who are in the gallery and respect the gallery’s rules and regulations. Also never forget to thank the caretaker also before you leave.

To make it easier for you I’ve print-screened the map which is posted below:

Screen Shot 2017-04-08 at 6.15.33 PM

(If it’s still unclear for you click on this link.)

Here’s the full address: Warehouse 2135, 2135 Chino Roces Ave, Legazpi Village, Makati, Metro Manila

Below is the easiest way to explain how you’ll get there:

  1. Go to Buendia Ave.
  2. You’ll see Mcdonald’s on your right if you’re from Gil Puyat. Left if you’re from the other side.
  3. You can walk towards the place or ride a jeepney to Magallanes after arriving at Mcdonald’s. (I do recommend walking though. It’s really near Mcdonald’s already.)
  4. After arriving at Warehouse 2135. You’ll be asked by the guard where you’ll be going. Tell them you’ll visit Archivo and that’s it.

TIP: After entering the warehouse you’ll have go straight and pass Vinyl on Vinyl (It’s also a gallery. I’ll post about it too in one of my blogs.) The door to Archivo is a white metal sliding door light on the end of the pathway.

That’s it for this blog. Make sure to visit the place and tell me what you think about the place on the comment box below. Also follow this website and all my social media accounts to get updated about “secret” stuffs like this. See you again next blog post!
What I’m wearing:

  1. Beige polo from Joel
  2. Denim Shorts from Divisoria.
  3. The Little Prince Socks from Sock House MNL
  4. Red Shoes from Sperry
  5. Brown cap from Jeep
  6. Brown belt

Photos of me taken by my friend: Iriah Mirote (Go check her website too.)

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