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Ukay ukays or thrift shops are the closest places I can relate heaven to. But just like how the majority thinks, I have also feared buying at ukay ukays before.

We have been constantly reminded on how “unsanitary” ukay ukays are and I do not blame anyone for thinking that way. Ukay ukays do look a little messy but mind you that some of the clothes sold are not even touched nor used. And even though majority of the things are already used, a little washing and disinfecting would probably do the trick! (Will make sure to post tips on how to disinfect your ukay ukay or thrift shop finds on another blog post.)

Ukay ukays are really addictive. The moment you start scavenging through piles and piles of cloth and finding something that clicks with your taste will surely make you start wanting for more.

In addition I do think that ukay ukays are also a great place to go to when you want look unique or if you don’t want to be part of the norm or simply if you would like to save money. Ukay ukays have plenty of retro/antique looking clothes that’s personally a great plus with my taste in style. (Click the “style” button on the menu bar to browse my fashion styles.)

That is why in order to satsify my taste in fashion, I have researched the best ukay ukays near my place (Manila). To name one for now, I have chosen this particular place near Lrt Anonas station.

Anonas Mall or Lolo Oboy’s Commercial Center 

How to get there (See location map below):


Instructions on how to get there:

  1. Ride the Lrt 2 and go to Lrt Anonas Station.
  2. Facing to the direction towards Recto,  go to the right side and exit.
  3. After going down the station, walk to the direction towards Recto.
  4. You’ll see a Mercury drug store besides the building.

Note: In order for you to find the place easier. I have taken pictures of the sidewalk and the entrance of the building.

Outside view of the place as of 2017:


Entrance of the building as of 2017:


(I know! The entrance doesn’t look like it but trust me once you go inside you’ll find the hidden treasure.)

My Personal Tips:

  1. I do recommend go to the place on the last week of the month. Most of the stuffs sold are cheaper on the last week of the month. Prices can range from 5-20 Php on the last week of the month.
  2. Make sure to go to the top floor first then gradually go down floor by floor to get better finds. (My personal favorite is the State’s Stuff Shop found on the building’s the 4th floor. They sell a lot of authentic items and also various collectibles. I’ll discuss more about them on another blog post.)
  3. Don’t forget to bring the essentials: towel, extra shirt, water, fan, a big bag & your money.
  4. Make sure you’re wearing comfortable clothes if you’ll go there so you could try on clothes for fitting.
  5. There are also alteration shops near the stairs if you would like to alter the clothes you’ve bought.

Note: I’ll discuss more tips on another blog so don’t forget to follow all my social accounts so you would get updated!

That’s it for this blog! Have fun shopping and make sure to share your insights with me on the comment below!






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