I’ve been hearing about this Taytay Tiangge for a while now, and just like how everyone reacted with it being described as CHEAP and AFFORDABLE I myself became really curious on whether it’s real or not.

As usual, I was accompanied by my sister in this quest and to help those who would like to visit the place as well here are the instructions:

  1. Ride the LRT 2 (It can be from any station just make sure that you’re on the Line 2.)
  2. Buy your ticket to Lrt 2-Santolan Station (It’s the last station.)
  3. After arriving at Lrt 2-Santolan Station. Ride a jeepney to Angono (25 Php.)
  4. Tell the driver to drop you off at Club Manila East or at Taytay tiangge. (Don’t worry they know where the tiangge is. You just have to trust the driver.)
  5. After arriving at the location, you’ll see a lot of tiangges. There are specific schedules for the tiangges so to help you out check the schedules below:
  •  BAGPI

(Mondays)  8 PM to 11PM

(Tuesdays)   12 AM to 2 PM

(Wednesdays)5 PM to 12 MIDNIGHT

(Thursdays) 8 PM to 11 PM

(Fridays) 12 AM to 2 PM

(Saturdays) 5 AM to 2 PM


(Everyday) 5 AM to 5 PM


(Everyday) 6 AM to 6 PM


 (Mondays) 9 PM to (Tuesdays) 12 PM

(Wednesdays) 5 PM to 12 AM

(Thursdays) 9 PM to (Fridays) 12 PM


(Everyday except Wednesdays) 5 AM to 2 PM

NOTE: These schedules are based on our actual visit. They frequently change the schedules of the tiangges so I advice you to ask before going.

Here’s a map of the place:


In my opinion, I wouldn’t say that Taytay tiangge is better than Divisoria. They both are best on their own. Comparing them don’t seem to give justice to any of the two. I can only say that if you’re living near Divisoria, I advice you to buy at Divisoria instead and same goes with those near Taytay tiangge. But to further discuss how my mini-adventure to Taytay went, here are my observations:

  1. Taytay tiangge would be better if you go with your “girlfriends” Taytay offers cheaper items if you buy in bulks so it’ll be better if you have someone to share similar dresses with if you really want a specific design. (Not being sexist. I’ll explain on another number why I emphasized “GIRL” on this number.)
  2. I gave emphasis to the word “Girl” for number 1 because I have noticed that the clothes being sold are cheaper when it comes to women’s attire.
  3. If you’re looking for a more minimalistic styles, I don’t recommend going to Taytay tiangge though they have some. (This is based on my opinion due to my lack of intersest towards the mainstream.)
  4. There are plenty of corporate attires being sold. If your having problems with where you should buy those, I do recommend going to Taytay Tiangge.
  5. Make sure that you know the basics before going to the place; bring a checklist on what you would like to buy, wear something comfortable, bring money but not that much, bring portable fans, bring water and towel, bring a big bag to put all the items you’ve bought, always be mindful of your belongings and enjoy shopping.
  6. If you’re getting irritated because of the heat make sure to buy at Manang’s ice candy. (I really enjoyed her ice candy. They’re really soft and delicious.) Here’s the picture of Manang:IMG_0184

Note: These are just my opinions. Everyone can have a different perspective on anything. I do recommend you visiting the place in order for you to find out yourself.

In addition, I’ve also made a mini AVP of the place in order for you to have an overview of the place:

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