These past few months have been the best and worst. Best, because I’ve been enjoying a lot of new things lately and worst, because of stress bombarding me constantly. To compromise, I have thought of ways to free myself from all of this by going on a relaxing yet adventurous trip. It wasn’t long ago when I’ve seen this place, Mt. Purro Nature Reserve, on Facebook. In fact I have been tagged numerous times by friends that lead me to a greater interest of the place.

After reading a lot of feedback, I learned that the most amusing fact about this place is that it is on budget or to be specific it only costs 350 Php each. Without any time wasted I quickly contacted my friend @iriahmirote (Do check her website as well.) and also my sister @hannahinoy about this getaway plan. I knew that both of them were also in need of a break and that this was the best timing.

Note: I must warn you travelling to the place is not that easy but believe me it’s really worth it. 

How to get there via commute:

  1. Ride the LRT 2 to LRT-Santolan Station.
  2. After arriving at LRT-Santolan Station ride a jeepney to Cogeo. (Make sure to tell the driver or the conductor to drop you off at Cogeo.)
  3. Then when you’re in Cogeo already take another jeepney to Paenaan. Tell the driver  or the conductor you’ll be going down at Kanto Veterans. (You can also tell the driver or the conductor that you’ll be going to Mount Purro Nature Reserve. They know the place. You just have to ask politely.)
  4. After arriving at Kanto Veterans. You’ll have to take 2 more tricycles 70 Php each.

Here’s the map of the place:


Note: I do not own this picture. For clearer picture of the map visit:

My insights:

  1. I can say that the place is really somewhere you can unwind. They offer a lot of recreational activities like camping, swimming and also trekking. The place is also good for group outings and team buildings.
  2. Mt. Purro is really relaxing. The ambiance of the place, the smell of nature and also the sound of crickets and rustling leaves made it more serene and stress free.
  3. Mt. Purro is really cheap.  (Don’t expect clearer water. If you’re skin is really sensitive I don’t advice swimming there.)
  4. I’m a fan of their huts and bungalows. It added to the vibes of the place.
  5. Make sure you bring a lot of snacks. They’re a little bit pricey when it comes to food.
  6. Don’t forget to bring bug repellent lotions and also sunblock.
  7. Lastly, I advice you to just enjoy the place if you get there. Don’t think too much and let go of your stress. The more you get away from your problems the more peaceful you’ll be.

Don’t forget to enjoy and have fun. Make sure to share your insights with me and follow me on my social media accounts to get updated.

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