I know, you guys might’ve probably thought that I was referring to “Ecstacy” with the letter “E” on the title but believe me, I wasn’t referring to that and anything close to it. In fact this “E” is something that all of us might have and is currently encountering. To give more substance, this video tackles a stage in our thoughts, feelings and emotions where we are confused on whether we’ll break out or continue the choice of concealing.

PATIENCE, a normal yet complicated word, was what I was referring to with the letter “E.” Though it may seem unusual, I have chosen the letter “E” to signify the end stage of the meaning of the word itself. Giving more awareness to it and implicating more focus on the “E” at the end.


“On E” or the end stage of PATIENCE

The end stage is the most suffocating stage when it comes to being patient. This is where every negative thing compacts with one another to form a larger entity.

Let’s think of patience as an empty glass where in every hurtful thing fills it bit by bit. The more we try to conceal the pain the heavier the feeling is. That is why when we reach the full potential of the cup or the limit of our patience we try to break out in a wrong way. We then exhaust ourselves with actions that only causes more pain to ourselves.

How to to avoid this?

There are plenty of ways to stop this from happening and to stop ourselves from adding more to our problems but the best way that I see is to let it those burden go bit by bit just like how it piled up. By doing this you do not exhaust yourself with strenuous decisions and also you can contemplate with what’s happening a piece at a time.

Do not hurry.

Do not rush your way out of  “E” because when you start little by little you’ll reach the first letter again. “P” or the stage of PEACE.







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