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I must say that most unplanned adventures are the best ones.

While walking along the infamous Session Road we bumped into this odd looking structure. Looking at it from across the street you might think that this was just one of those unfinished and abandoned structures. It didn’t seem like it hides a huge array of whimsically designed restaurants that shocked us as we entered the place.

Ili- likha Artist Village, a odd looking yet very interesting structure, lies in the busy city of Baguio which was conceptualized by Eric de Guia (Kidlat Tahimik), a famous director and writer. The unique unfinished look of the place is what I think makes it more intriguing to enter. They also support Love for Trees which is why they incorporated the natural growth of the trees on the structure making the village seem like a big tree house.

The place offered plenty of sensually pleasing designs. From aesthetically designed interiors to decorations and also the whole ambiance of the place. There are plenty of artworks inside the village varying from sculptures, paintings, mosaics and etc.

They also serve plenty of scrumptious meals. The village also has this community called Kiwing na Kahoy Kommunity Food Hub (KKK), the group of vendors around the village. The KKK makes sure that all meals are fresh and that no msg and softdrinks would be sold inside the village. (Note: That means you can eat at ease without worrying about your diet!)


In addition, the village also offers other interesting things like workshops. They also sell flowers, furniture and also some of the artworks.

How to get there:

  1. From Sm Baguio walk to Session Road then turn right when you reach Assumption Road it’ll be at your left.
  2. From University of Baguio, just cross Gen. Luna Road and walk towards Session Road on Assumption Road it’ll be at your right.

Here’s the address and operating hours:

Ili-likha Artist Village
32 Assumption Road Barangay Kabayanihan, Baguio City, Philippines
7:00am to 8:00pm

Here’s the Map:


My Insights:

  1. I love how the place looks like a big tree house. It has been a dream of mine to own a tree house that’s why visiting the place made me feel really nostalgic. It felt like I was at my childhood years again.
  2. I am a fan and a supporter of environmentalists. I myself believe that we should take care of our environment that is why knowing that the village supports the love for trees made me feel at awe.
  3. I have been watching my food intake for a while now and looking for a restaurant that serves food without MSG like this village satisfied me. Now I wouldn’t need to worry about eating something delicious. And also I have been really curious about vegan food. That is why the moment I’ve tasted the vegan pizza served made me realize that you really don’t need meat to make something delicious.
  4. The place serves food that are really AFFORDABLE. It shocked me how we ate full meals without spending so much.
  5. The place also satisfied every sense organ that I have. I love how the place satisfied my eyes with the interior and randomly placed artworks. I’m also a fine artist that’s why knowing that there are plenty of great artist really pleased me. I also love how the place smelled like you were eating inside a forest. The place is also really serene. You wouldn’t think that you’re inside an urbanized city when you’re in the village. The wind chimes added more to the peace and tranquility of the place. Lastly like what I’ve said on the previous numbers, the food served are very delicious. I recommend you to try it.
  6. I also love how the people in the village are very friendly. It didn’t seem like a restaurant but a home where you can treat them as family.
  7. I’m very fond of wood works that is why looking at the furniture inside inspired me to make some too.
  8. If you would like to be alone, I do think that this village is where you need to go to.
  9. The place is still growing like a tree so I’m sure there will be more exciting things soon.

Hope you visit the place and experience the same nostalgia! Make sure to give me insights and also follow me on my social media accounts to get updated with my other posts!

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