If you’re still having problem in finding a good location for your shoot, here’s another suggestion from us!

Overpasses are often disregarded by the majority. Little do they know that these overpasses can serve as a really great place for your #ootd shoot.

Looking at how symmetrical these pathways are makes it really pleasing to the eyes. Also, you can make use of the shadows produced by the grids or the walls when directed with sunlight.

What we’re wearing:

Hannah Inoy’s :

  1. Blue Tank Top with Nirvana Patch
  2. Blue dropped crotch cropped trousers
  3. White sneakers from Adidas
  4. White handkerchief as bandanna

My outfit:

  1. “We are anonymous” printed shirt
  2. Dark blue shorts
  3. Cap from GAP
  4. Blue stripped long sleeved thobe

(Note: We are selling these preloved items we’re wearing. If you would like to buy them or inquire about them, message us on our facebook page or instagram account. Thanks.)

Photo by: Rence Villamarin

More photos on our page: Inoy Sibs



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