This is one of those places where you just need to lessen your expectations and just enjoy the moment.

La Trinidad houses or Baguio City’s colorful houses may not be new to a lot of people or with its residence but it is one place that surprised me. I really loved how they thought of coloring the houses and making it look more creative.

As we all know Baguio City is somehow one of the most crowded places in the Philippines. It is filled with plenty of houses piled one after the other. That being said made me realize how making it colorful just like the La Trinidad houses would make better looking and pleasing.

My Insights:

  1. The place is a residential area meaning to say you should respect those who are going in a out of the place if you’ll be taking pictures. Don’t be rude.
  2. It isn’t something new to others and you would probably think twice if you arrived at the place. Look at it at the better perspective. Create something new with the place.
  3. This place is really great for color popping Instagram photos.
  4. Enjoy.



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