Sunflowers are my mom’s favorite flowers which made it mine too.

I’m a big fan of flowers and one of my favorite flower is the sunflower. That’s why when I found out that there will be a huge farm of sunflowers made into a labyrinth in Pangasinan, I couldn’t wait to visit the place.

The Sunflower Maze in Pangasinan have caught numerous attention when it was released. In fact, it became an instant famous tourist attraction. Well, who wouldn’t like them?

How to get there:

  1. After arriving at SM Rosales ride a tricycle to Tayug, Pangasinan Sunflower Maze.


My Insights:

  1. Upon arriving to the place you would sweat nonstop. The place is really hot. You have to bring extra clothes.
  2. Bring bug repellent sprays and also sunblock.
  3. Make sure to visit the place during the release or a week after the release. Flowers wither. You might not be able to experience the full beauty of the place if you visit late.
  4. Bring an umbrella or a hat.
  5. There are food stalls available at the place. I recommend buying fruit shakes after roaming around. (Note: Dispose your garbage properly. Respect the place.)
  6. Make use of the other plants around. There are plenty of different plants to use for a beautiful picture.
  7. Do not step on the plants. Do not pick flowers where you can’t. Be responsible.
  8. You can pick the sunflowers at a different place. It costs 50 Php each stem.
  9.  Enjoy. Don’t think about the sun too much. Look at the positive aspects.

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