This was one of those unplanned trips.

The initial itinerary didn’t involve Luna. If that had happened, I know that I definitely would miss a huge part of the trip.

Luna is known for its pebble beach. Legend says that upon arriving at the place you shouldn’t be noisy or else the sea goddesses would devour you and pull you towards the sea.

I was very aware of that and I do think that it is something you should believe in. My visit to the pebble beach kind of approved that myth too.

Honestly, I was pretty amazed with the place. I haven’t seen a huge amount of pebbles on a beach before. It was really an awesome experience.

My Insights:
1. You should wear something comfortable. Walking on pebbles is very tiring.

2. Do bring umbrellas and sunblock.

3. Don’t swim. The waves are pretty strong. I was also told that the sea is really deep.

4. Do not destroy the piles of pebbles. You can take pretty cool shots with the piles of pebbles but make sure to respect those who are making a living with those pebbles.

5. Enjoy



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