When I was younger I would always argue on why adults always complain on wanting to be young again. I remembered back then, I would defend how being an adult is a privilege wherein you could do so much with your age and with the salary you acquire monthly.  It had never crossed my mind back then that being an adult (#adulting for millennials) have so much responsibilities at stake.

I never knew that today, a month after being employed, I would complain with the same thing. Thus saying that, “I miss being a kid,” is something my ego wouldn’t like to admit. I miss being able to enjoy the little things and mind less about the responsibilities that I have. I miss being carefree and definitely miss being optimistic at all points. That being said I assure you that there are plenty of things I miss being a child and these are just few of those.

Having to re-live and re-imagine life as a kid takes so much time and effort to fullfill. That is why when my sister and I saw this slightly abandoned “perya” or carnival, we immediately thought of enjoying every bit of it. It was somehow an opening for us, a sign that we can still be the child we want to be.

Model: Hannah Inoy (@Hannahinoy)

Camera: Canon 700D EF S18-55mm kit lens

Location: Atimonan, Quezon


Re-imagining was the best term to describe what we did. Doing that we were able to feel and experience the ride without it being turned on. We just counted on the experienced we gathered while we were young, kind of digging out the nostalgia inside.


Experiencing however, includes goofing around and being as care free as possible.53d66851559309.58f1d15aa9275

It also includes just lying around, chillin and going on with the vibe.


I am so sure that it was an experience we would never forget nor regret wasting time on. It was the push we needed. The moment we started to feel young again, that was the moment we realized why we wanted to become an adult when we were younger.


More photos on my behance: ianinoy.

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