This is one of my La Union detours. A throwback to remind myself that I could pull of a “weird for some” colored hair. Pindangan Ruins was a very “holy yet creepy” place for me. Starting with my walk towards it, I started to feel a certain unwanting aura.  I tried shaking it off and just continue on entering it and just enjoy the view. (Pang Instagram din yan! sabi nila.)

Pindangan Ruins as far as I remembered from what one of the nuns said was an old church. This probably was the reason why I’ve felt chills trying to get awesome Pang instagram shots. I managed to get some but I had difficulties editing them because they were either over exposed or under exposed. I didn’t know why this happened exactly but I’m pretty sure I’ve set my camera before I took shots.

Pindangan Ruins never failed to amaze me though. Seeing its battle scars and continuous support to nature living with it were purely blessings in disguise. Can you imagine how it’s still able to stand along these years?

Here are the photos from Pindangan Ruins. Hope you like them!




Pindangan Ruins on the Map:






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