I’ve never thought #adulting would be so difficult. I remembered how I was so “sure” I was ready to face anything in the “real world” during my college days and how I have been nonstop wishing to quickly graduate so I could start working my ass off. But just like any other graduate, I too have felt the longing of going back to the student life and wishing I’ve stayed longer days studying than working.


Working or being employed doesn’t just mean simply working. It also encompasses finding work, being able to find your place in that work and also pushing yourself to stay. Having experienced these, I realized how work is a lot similar to relationships. This made me evaluate how work and relationships are pretty much the same.

These are the comparisons I have thought of. Tell me if you could relate in the comment box below:

  1. Finding your match

JOB: Gone are the days for walk-ins coz job hunting is made easier nowadays. Stressing-out, waiting in line and wasting plenty of time running from one building to another is now trashed. Jobs are now categorized by sites and apps depending on your taste. This means that only those who are within your desire (e.g. salary, location and job specification) would be shown to you. With a few clicks and some tweaking you would already find the perfect job.


LOVE: Finding your “soulmate” doesn’t necessarily need your effort to go out and introduce yourself to everyone you see anymore. While you’re stressing out, waiting for a reply from the person you gave your number to at a bar, people are already reciprocating chats and emojis with their matches.  Apps and sites have also been created already to make it easier for you. These also means that you can now enter your preferences. With a few swipes and a few clicks, I’m pretty sure you’ll find someone.

     2. Courting the target


JOB: Looking for jobs is only the first step, getting hired is another process. When you look for a job you undergo plenty of tasks and challenges that will test if you’re worthy for the position. To make it easier to understand, in order to get the job of your choice you would have to send your request for application, go through interviews and do the best you can to stand out from all the applicants. This is the time where you would be needing to put your best foot forward.

Special Tip I do during interviews: Make sure to groom yourself. Show them your assets. If you could speak in English fluently then do it. Do not hold back. Sell yourself. Blabber if you were told to speak. Make them want you.

LOVE: After finding your match by swiping and clicking this is the time to make him/her want you more. You’ve already got his/her attention, all you have to do now is continue on conversing and making sure the topics never end. This way you are showing how much you are interested and at the same time making sure you stand out from his/her other matches. This would be the real challenge coz making someone grow deeper interest in you would require effort and patience.

      3. Creating your structure


JOB: After a few challenges, you would definitely achieve the position you’re aiming for. Now that you do, the next step is to make your pillars firmer. You would need to show the company that you are an asset and that they’ve made a right choice hiring you. This still means your best foot which is already in front must remain in front. You would have to make them mesmerized by the skills you have and how it’s helping their company.

LOVE: You’ve already eliminated the competitors. You’ve gotten the big “YES” and now you’re official. This made it clear that you are now at the starting line of the process to happily ever after. The only thing to do now is to make sure that the attraction you have with one another would grow stronger. Build your own forts and defeat obstacles that would pass by.  Make sure that whatever great things you’ve shown will still be there in the process. Whatever you would be doing should make you difficult to lose.

       4. Little Big Fights


JOB: There will always be misunderstandings in work. You will eventually be scolded with things that isn’t even your fault. There would be plenty times when you would be hit with criticisms you never want to hear but it’s okay, you would learn to outgrow them. Fights and arguments are normal when it comes to work. There will always be someone who has the exact opposite of what your morals are. The only thing for you to do is to make sure you don’t lose the your will and stand your ground you’re right but if you know you’re at fault promise me to just apologize. It is never wrong to admit mistakes.


LOVE: A normal couple would have their ups and downs. This means that when a couple fights it is ensured to be a normal relationship. Misunderstandings and arguments are the main cause of these fights. You will be bombard with petty fights which would still need attention and also big arguments where breaking up and getting back would be a normal phenomenon. When these misunderstandings and arguments start to interfere with your happy life, make sure that both of you are in the best mood to talk about it and resolve things. In times, you would also need a certain maturity in you and decide to become the bigger person. Never fear to say sorry even if it’s not your fault if you want the relationship to last.

      5. Letting go


JOB: You will eventually reach your limit and just give up on trying to fix things. If you think that you’ve had enough, quitting is always a choice. It is never wrong to give up on things that have already given up on you, doing so would just make you miserable and unhappy. Speaking of happiness the moment you feel like the job you have isn’t already pleasing you in any way possible, start thinking about it. Asses yourself and your work. Does it feel like you’re growing? Do you feel a certain contentment? Do you feel happy going to work? Does it excite you just thinking about it? If most of your answers are no then you already have your answer. QUIT!

LOVE: There’s a certain feeling of numbness when you already know that the relationship is at its end. You would feel emotionless which makes you care less about your significant other. When this happens there are no longer sweetness nor happiness within the relationship which harms you both indirectly. You grow more distant with each other. Instead of making up, you tend to find instead. The perfect time has come to asses if you’re still happy. Do not wait til the sadness impregnates itself with depression and anxiety. Having those would be the end of you. The first time you feel like there’s no point in the relationship, ASSESS!


To make it easier to understand:

Love and Work undergoes similar stages. They may differ when it comes to technicalities but they are indeed similar with one another. This is why problem solving in real life would just need you to experience life in order to get through this.

Meanwhile, these step by step process or stages will surely be faced by you numerous times. You would eventually quit and it’s okay. The world will surely offer you plenty of potential targets that would require you to restart with step 1. Just enjoy it and ride the flow.

What do you think? Are they similar with one another? Give me your feedback and make sure to connect with me on my social media accounts.
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See you again next post!





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