Poblacion, Makati is known for its red-light district. A place where men and women in revealing clothes try their best to convince you to get a massage or a drink while you pass by. To be honest I used to think that this place is scary as hell after being cat-called numerous times in the past. That is why, I do my best to prevent myself from going through it even if it’s the shortest way to get to where I need to go. But as I’ve stumbled upon this hidden gem in the core of this district, I began to admire the place.

I guess plenty of you might already know what I’m talking about as this had been posted numerous times on social media and had already accumulated plenty of articles from different bloggers but still I would like to re-introduce it based on my perspective.



Screaming loudly with its fascinating exterior, Filling Station is not a difficult place to find. So to ensure that you’ve reached the place, you would only need to look for a retro upside down top down car hanging on the resto-bar’s side.


As you enter the vicinity, imported goods will greet you ranging from beers to chocolates and etc. It’s basically heaven for both alcoholic and non-alcoholic customers.30

In order to reach the resto-bar, you would have to climb the stairs to the second floor where you would be greeted by its nostalgic interior. As a self-proclaimed old soul living in the 21st century I rejoiced upon entering. Vinyls on vinyls, old photographs and news articles are hanged on the walls covering every side. Furniture choices were also on point as it seemed like you’re in an old diner.
(Note: I’m pretty sure most of the young readers would see “RIVERDALE” in the interiors.)




(Above: Me trying to re-create a “Riverdale” scene. I FAILED.)

(Below: Should’ve worn leather jacket with this motor. )



My friend & blogger partner, Ann Salas, decided to order the following:


  • Midget Burgers (3 midget burgers with mushroom burgers, fries and coleslaw)
  • Vanilla Milkshake


  • Camaro (baby back ribs with fries and buttered corn)
  • Iced cappucino

Filling Station’s food menu (grabbed from zomato):

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


(Note: Wasn’t able to finish it. They have huge servings.)


(Above: I really like their costumes/uniforms. It adds to the vibes.)8

They also have a bar area for those who do not want to eat but still would like to enjoy the place. They serve beers, hard drinks and also wine.

Menu for the alcohol (grabbed from zomato):


(Above: I really hope I’ve met Elvis.)23

I loved how they had a smoker’s lounge so that people who don’t like the smell of cigarettes would not argue with those who do smoke. I’m also glad how the interior was still the same. They didn’t lessen it a bit showing how fair the place it for both smokers and non-smokers.41319

They also have life size action figures and lightened signboards which adds to the retro vibe. 241415

(Below: Trying to call Will from the upside down.)1627

Pretty sure you and your friends will have a fun time during your visit coz pool tables are also available to play with. I also saw this jukebox which I was wondering if it still works tho there’s retro music playing throughout the resto-bar but it wasn’t coming from the jukebox.1812

(Above: Managed to encounter an awesome guy who’s still embracing the retro vibe hairstyle. I honestly saw what I would become when I grow older.)

(Below: There’s also an old car inside the resto-bar. I was stopping myself from hopping on it and trying to drive it.)21222026

Filling Station on the Map:

5012 P Burgos, Makati, 1210 Metro Manila


How to get there:

There are plenty of ways to get to Filling Station but here’s a few ways:

  1. Go to LRT-1 Gil Puyat, Ride a jeepney (Makati Ave.), go down at Petron (this will be in the jeepney’s left side) then walk to Filling Station.
  2. Go to MRT-Ayala, Go to Landmark and ride a jeepney (Makati Ave.), go down at Petron (this will be the first Petron you’ll see.) then walk to Filling Station.
  3. Take a Grab or Uber to the Filling Station.

My Personal Tips:

  1. Make sure to be mindful of your belongings when going to the Filling Station. There are plenty of unexpected things that can happen.
  2. Bring at least 1,000Php if you would really like to enjoy the full potential of the place.
  3. The servings may be big for me but small for some. It depends on how plenty your food intake is.
  4. If you get lost, ask around. The red-light district is pretty known. Just make sure to as security guards instead.
  5. Do not accept anything from strangers. Do not talk to strangers.
  6. Come in your most fashionable retro-look. It would be nicer for the Instagram photos you’ll take.
  7. Make sure to ask the management first if you could take photos with your Dslr. Don’t be rude. Respect their decision.
  8. Mornings until lunch are times that are less crowded. If you would like to take photos without other people on your background make sure to go early.
  9. Explore the place. Read articles on the wall. The main goal of the Filling Station’s interior is to educate you with the past. Make sure to intake what you could learn.
  10. Enjoy. Have fun yet be responsible.

I’ve really enjoyed my visit to Filling Station as it fed my old soul. I could say that it is very worth the visit and that the prices of the food and beverages are just right. I would definitely go back and recommend this place to others as it had made me really happy. I hope you guys would also enjoy your visit as well just as much as I did.

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