Breakfast, as they say, is the most important meal of the day wherein you get most of your energy from. This means that whatever and wherever we would be eating should be well thought of.

Me and Ann Salas’ sleepover at the City Garden Grand Hotel had a breakfast meal that came along with the stay. We were given the chance to eat at their Spice Cafe, which was located at the 7th floor of the hotel.


Spice Cafe is open from 6:00am-10:00pm (Philippines Time Zone). They serve not just Filipino cuisines but also American, Japanese and Italian. You are also assured that when eating at the Spice Cafe there are plenty of food choices to be able to cater guests in groups, with kids or if you are purely vegetarian.

Food Offered by Spice Cafe:

Here is their Menu

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

What we ate:

We were offered a buffet for two at the Spice Cafe. Here are the choices when you choose the buffet meal (700 Php per person).


(Above: Almost died when I saw different variants of cheese. Cheese mixed to anything is really tasty.)



(Below: I’ve really enjoyed their salad section coz the greens are really fresh.)e


(Below: You could also ask the chef to cook you scrambled eggs or omelettes.)


(Above: If you want a lighter meal, grab a bowl and get these cereals.)j

Honestly, we were trying our best not to take too much because we were trying to prevent ourselves from gaining wait. The problem is, every food Spice Cafe offers are really tasty so we had to make a way for it to be consumed. Cheat day it is!k

(Above: Believe me we tried our best not to get too much food.)lqm

Above: Can you give me 3 seconds and just appreciate the bacon on top of my greens?


How to get there:

I have three options on how to get there:

  1. From LRT 1- Gil Puyat take a bus to Makati Ave. Go down at Petron and walk towards City Garden Grand Hotel
  2. From Mrt- Ayala, go to Landmark, take a jeepney towards Makati Ave. Go down at Petron and walk towards City Garden Grand Hotel
  3. Take a Grab or Uber.

Here’s City Garden Grand Hotel on the Map:


Address and Contact details of Spice Garden:

7th Floor, City Garden Grand Hotel, Makati Corner Kalayaan Avenue, Poblacion, Makati City1210

02 8888181
02 5543428


My Verdict:

Spice Cafe is really a good place to get breakfast or have meals. We had so many options to choose from that made it easier for us to really eat healthy and properly. The ambiance of the whole place was very cozy making you feel like eating at home. The huge glass windows added a dreamy effect which makes the whole place aesthetically pleasing as well. Pretty sure I’ll be eating at Spice Cafe again. This would be a great place to recommend to your family an friends,


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