I’m that person who seldom goes to but is very meticulous when it comes to hotels. For me checking in at a hotel means that everything should be flawless and stress free.

Last month, my friend and blogger partner, Ann Salas was given the privilege to experience a night stay at the City Garden Grand Hotel which she shared with me. Honestly I was quite hesitant to come at first coz it felt weird staying at a hotel near us. I just don’t seem to understand how we would have fun staying at a hotel in the city. But as we were checked in, every reluctant feeling in me suddenly vanished. City Garden Grand Hotel for me is a place where you could experience vacation while still being in the city.



(Above) The lobby was very well designed. I really loved how these white chandeliers were hanged and placed in front of the elevator. It made people look at them while waiting for their turn to go to their floors.

The front desk people were also very kind and accommodating. I’m very strict when it comes to me and front desks but with City Garden Grand Hotel, I felt at ease. They were very attentive and they really know how to answer your queries.

(Below) I also loved how our room looked. I also loved how it didn’t smell like carpet or old wood. I find it very clean and well prepared.


(Below) One of my requirements when I check in at a hotel is the tub. I love soaking myself in hot tubs and just relaxing while playing with bubbles. I’m glad our room has one, can’t deny how it made the experience complete.


(Above) The mirror was very clean as well plus I love its lighting.
(Note: This is where you can take as plenty selfies and mirror selfies as you want.)


(Below) There was a welcoming treat as well. Believe me, this blueberry cheesecake tasted like heaven and I’m not even exaggerating.


(Below) One of my favorite things inside the room is the view from our window where you could see Makati’s busy life and the beauty of it’s city lights at night. I could probably stare at it all day if I had the time.


(Above) Because of the height of our room, I also had the chance to just feel at home and just walk around in the nude. I’m pretty sure that there are a lot of people like me who thinks sleeping in the nude is more comfortable than wearing clothes so for those nudist sleepers like me, I recommend City Garden Grand Hotel’s higher room units.

(Below) Because we can’t seem to let go of the beauty the natural light coming from our window is. We decided to do a bit of pictorials. Here are some of the results. Tell us what you think.


(Below) Another thing in my “meticulous” list when it comes to checking in at a hotel is the bed. I love soft beds and huge comforters which in my surprise was exactly how our room’s bed felt like.

(Note: It is a good spot to check your e-mails while relaxing.


Dinner is also available inside the hotel itself. If you would like to just relax and eat somewhere with a nice view, Firefly Roofdeck is the place for you. Sample picture below:


1617If you’re like me who also gets really hungry as soon as you wake up, worry no more coz CGGH got you! They also have Spice Cafe inside the building where you could enjoy a hassle free breakfast buffet in the morning. Sample Pictures below


(Below) Now comes the best part of our stay in CGGH.





(Below) The pool’s view in CGGH showcases a off-edge illusion of Makati’s City. While swimming you get to enjoy watching the busy city of Makati and appreciating the sky.


(Above) There’s also a warm Jacuzzi at the side of the pool that’s perfect for people who would just like to relax.22242521

How to get there:

I have three options on how to get there:

  1. From LRT 1- Gil Puyat take a bus to Makati Ave. Go down at Petron and walk towards City Garden Grand Hotel
  2. From Mrt- Ayala, go to Landmark, take a jeepney towards Makati Ave. Go down at Petron and walk towards City Garden Grand Hotel
  3. Take a Grab or Uber.

Here’s City Garden Grand Hotel on the Map:


8008 Makati Ave. cor. Makati City, Kalayaan Avenue, Makati, 1200 Metro Manila

Contact details:

(02) 888 8181


My verdict:

  • City Garden Grand Hotel is really good place to stay when you want to experience and see Makati in real time. It gives you that “I’m on a vacation” feel even without having to go outside of the city. All the staff are very accommodating. They’re also very attentive when it comes to work. I really enjoyed it’s facilities as well. There are plenty of options to waste your time on and just relax. I’m pretty sure I’ll come back and stay at CGGH when I’m feeling the urge for a vacation again. I’m highly recommending this.

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