Morning Diet: Spice Cafe

Breakfast, as they say, is the most important meal of the day wherein you get most of your energy from. This means that whatever and wherever we would be eating should be well thought of.

An Odd Kid’s Dream

I already knew back then that I was "that odd kid" who would rather watch real time human living rather than cartoon characters  violently chasing and hitting each other non-stop.

Why work is just like a relationship?

I've never thought #adulting would be so difficult. I remembered how I was so "sure" I was ready to face anything in the "real world" during my college days and how I have been nonstop wishing to quickly graduate so I could start working my ass off. But just like any other graduate, I too … Continue reading Why work is just like a relationship?

The One You’ve Wasted

Pain has different results for different personalities. Some individuals feel weaker because of it while others use it as a push for them to become the better versions of themselves. This portrait compilation tackles the positive effect of pain to individuals. These photos illustrates how that push changes them to the better version of themselves. … Continue reading The One You’ve Wasted